Dementia Treatment

Dementia can cause loved ones to drift away into oblivion. However, dementia treatment from Northwest Biofeedback Center may provide the hope caregivers desperately seek. While there is no drug therapy that has been proven effective, brain biofeedback EEG could be an alternative worth exploring.

What is Dementia?

There is really no disease named dementia. Rather, it is a group of symptoms that are a result of many different conditions and diseases. It basically means that a person is suffering from a problem that has robbed them of much of his or her memory as well as the ability to think.

Symptoms of Dementia

Millions of people suffer from dementia, experiencing symptoms such as confusion, poor judgment, loss of balance, diminished alertness and even hallucinations. The signs that a person needs dementia treatment may be hard to spot at first. For example, loved ones will likely see the occasional loss of focus or a mild case of forgetfulness as a normal sign of aging. However, as the problem gets worse, symptoms become all too apparent.

Causes of Dementia

It is believed that dementia is due to brain cell damage that interferes with the cells’ ability to properly communicate. As a result, behavior, feelings and thinking can be significantly affected. There are several regions of the brain, and each one is responsible for its own particular function. When the cells in a certain area are damaged, then that region will not be able to carry out its responsibilities.

Treating Dementia

At Northwest Biofeedback Center, we offer dementia treatments using natural, drug-free methods designed to restore as much of the brain’s normal functionality as possible. Research shows that neurofeedback can lead to improvements in visual and verbal memory, fluency and many other areas.

Contact Us About Dementia Treatment

Let the experts with Northwest Biofeedback Center show you how our form of dementia treatment can once again bring hope to your loved one. Whether you are in Des Plaines, Arlington Heights, Schaumburg, Hoffman Estates or anywhere else in the Chicago area, we may be able to help. Visit our Contact us page to contact us for more information.