Learning Disorders

Learning disorders can be debilitating and frustrating, but there is help. Northwest Biofeedback Center has provided treatment in a painless, drug-free and effective way for more than two decades.

What are Learning Disorders?

People who suffer from learning disorders often have a very hard time reading, writing, performing math problems or understanding directions. They may find it extremely difficult to not only function at work or school, but also in social situations as well. In many instances, they are extremely frustrated because they are not able to realize their full potential.

Symptoms of Learning Disorders

It can be difficult to diagnose learning disorders because sufferers often try to hide the problem. A child, for example, may not show any outward signs other than not wanting to go to school or do homework. However, there are some signs that there may be an issue. These include:

  • Difficulty staying focused
  • Either showing a lack of attention to detail or paying too much attention to detail
  • Disruptive behavior
  • Problems with memorization
  • An unusually slow pace of working

Causes of Learning Disorders

When certain key portions of your brain are unable to properly coordinate the processing of information with each other, learning disorders may result. If one part of your brain communicates too slowly or quickly, for example, then tasks such as reading will be very difficult.

Treatments for Learning Disorders

Neurofeedback has proven to be effective in helping to train the brain to function at the correct pace to facilitate the processing of information. Typically, the patient’s brain waves will be monitored while he or she sits comfortably and participates in an exercise that is similar to playing a video game. This approach helps the brain produce the correct patterns of coordination that are key to learning.

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