Neurotherapy Services

Decades of evidence prove that neurotherapy services can deliver substantial benefits to patients dealing with a wide range of issues, ranging from mental health conditions to everyday concerns. Northwest Biofeedback Center has been on the cutting edge of this type of treatment since 1991, helping patients maintain positive, long-term results.

Neurotherapy services can treat several different conditions, including ADD/ADHD, anxiety, bipolar disorder, headaches and migraines, learning disorders, substance abuse and many more.

What are Neurotherapy Services?

Neurotherapy services are also known under many different names, such as biofeedback, brainwave training, neurofeedback and others. They typically involve using advanced technology to illustrate activity in the brain. Practitioners record activity using special sensors placed on the patient’s head, gathering information that can determine why he or she is suffering symptoms. Once the information is collected, our neurofeedback services can be employed to help re-train a patient’s brain to function more efficiently.

Reasons to Consider Neurotherapy Services

Treatment is non-invasive and results in no side effects. Neurotherapy services can resolve issues instead of temporarily masking or suppressing them. This form of treatment is designed to help a patient’s internal systems develop on their own without the need for powerful prescription drugs. Neurotherapy treatments can dramatically reduce a patient’s reliance on medications or eliminate that need altogether.

Benefits of Neurotherapy Services

Adults and children alike can substantially benefit from neurotherapy. Many adults we have treated report feeling more relaxed after treatment, easily being able to sleep through the night. Neurotherapy may help lessen or eliminate migraines, and make a person feel happier and more energized.

Children can benefit from the neurotherapy services offered by Dr. Joseph N. O’Donnell & Associates in many ways as well. For instance, they often respond more appropriately to directions from parents and teachers, show improved concentration and focus, and exhibit increased self-confidence.

Contact Us About Neurotherapy Services

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