Quantitative EEG

Quantitative EEG (electroencephalography) is a way to measure brain activity. Every thought, emotion and sensation occurs due to the electrical firing of neutrons, and the EEG displays that electrical activity nearly instantaneously. EEGs are used not just to help evaluate physical conditions such as epilepsy, but are also being increasingly used in the fields of mental and behavioral health.

What is Quantitative EEG?

The process of obtaining quantitative EEG data is often referred to as brain mapping. Results are produced by a sophisticated device known as an electroencephalograph. Quantitative EEG (also known as a “brain map”) takes raw data and performs a detailed set of statistical analyses to provide the clinician with very specific information regarding brain function.

One of the most important pieces of data provided by the brain map involves how the brain cortex (the outermost layer) coordinates activity. The cortex is the area of the brain that controls higher functions, such as thinking, deciding and acting. If there is too much or too little activity, the electroencephalograph will show it. In addition, it will show parts of the brain where coordination issues are present. Doctors and therapists can then use those results to target neurofeedback treatment in the most effective manner.

Reasons to Consider Quantitative EEG

A brain map may not seem that important to most people, but for therapists it provides a gold mine of information. For example, it can identify a certain pattern of activity that is causing a problem so that a neurofeedback program can be designed to solve the issue.

Benefits of Quantitative EEG

People’s brains have similarities and differences that are somewhat comparable to fingerprints. Even though most fingerprints appear the same to the untrained eye, they all have small details that make them unique. Information gathered from brain map assessments help doctors pinpoint those differences so they can design the right therapy approach for you. That helps lead to better outcomes.

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