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Schaumburg Biofeedback

Residents of the Schaumburg area suffering from problems such as autism, anxiety, ADD/ADHD and more can turn to the caring experts with Northwest Biofeedback Center. Dr. Joseph O’Donnell and his friendly staff members are passionate about helping patients overcome their issues and live the highest quality of life possible.

Neurofeedback in Schaumburg

In our Schaumburg office, we use the most sophisticated and advanced methods available to determine an accurate diagnosis of a problem and then help formulate an effective plan of action. One of these methods is neurofeedback, which helps re-train a patient’s brain in order to help improve performance.

Schaumburg Brainmapping

Neurofeedback involves the administration of a brainmap, which is a recording of brainwave activity. We analyze the data from the brainmap to detect any abnormalities that may exist. This helps us identify areas of the brain that may not be communicating properly with other areas and causing symptoms. By addressing the root cause of a problem, we can provide patients with long-term benefits; in many instances, we can help restore proper functioning of the brain.

Our treatments are non-invasive and result in no side effects – unlike powerful medications that can cause many different types of problems. We can provide a permanent resolution to many issues rather than temporarily suppressing or masking them. Since 1991, we have helped reduce our patients’ dependence on medications. Often times we can eliminate the need to take medicines altogether.

Migraine, Depression and Anxiety Treatment

After visiting our Schaumburg office, our patients often feel relaxed and report they can sleep easily through the night. We can help patients feel more energized and happy, lessening or eliminating issues such as migraines, depression and anxiety.

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If you would like to learn more about how we can help you or a loved one, visit Northwest Biofeedback’s Schaumburg office. Contact us online or call 224-334-3070 to schedule an appointment.