Traditional Psychological Interventions

Psychological interventions in Des Plains can be extremely helpful to patients experiencing a wide range of problems, and can be a key part of any sort of treatment program. Northwest Biofeedback Center offers both individual psychotherapy and family and marriage counseling.

Individual Psychotherapy

Professionals use psychological interventions such as individual psychotherapy to diagnose a treat mental health issues such as ADD/ADHD, depression and anxiety. This approach is also used in many instances to address everyday problems such as managing stress and strengthening relationships.

Whenever conditions or life circumstances start to interfere with the ability to function properly on a daily basis, psychological interventions may be necessary. Not only can distress cause problematic behaviors and beliefs, it can lead to physical issues as well. Psychotherapy can provide an outlet for frustrations, determine the cause of symptoms, and provide a clear plan of action toward healing and recovery.

Family and Marriage Counseling

Problems in the family dynamic are common. In most cases they can be managed without the need for professional assistance, but there are other times where psychological interventions are needed. An outside resource could be of substantial help when dealing with problems such as substance abuse, communication breakdowns, trauma and many others.

Contact Us About Psychological Interventions

The experts with Dr. Joseph N. O’Donnell & Associates use advanced methods and sophisticated technology to address several different types of debilitating problems. Each member of our staff is passionate about helping patients achieve their goals of living the fullest life possible. We have ways of tackling problems many people never realized existed, helping our patients grow in ways they did not think were possible.

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