Substance Abuse Treatment

Substance abuse ruins lives and families, and presents a significant cost to society. Since 1991, Dr. Joseph N. O’Donnell with Northwest Biofeedback Center has worked with many people suffering from this problem and helped them overcome it.

What is Substance Abuse?

The simple definition of substance abuse is a pattern of harmful use of an illicit, prescription or over-the-counter drug for purposes other than for which it is designed. It can lead to anti-social or criminal behavior and physical harm, as well as long-term changes to the abuser’s personality.

Symptoms of Substance Abuse

In many instances, being able to recognize the early signs may greatly increase the chances of treating the problem successfully. Substance abuse treatment should be strongly considered if any of the following signs become apparent:

  • A sudden decline in academic performance
  • Feelings of hopelessness, depression or extreme fatigue
  • Increased risk-taking
  • Blackouts
  • Trouble with the law
  • Drug-related suspensions from work or school

Causes of Substance Abuse

There are several risk factors that can lead to substance abuse. For example, a chaotic environment at home or a lack of parental attachment can contribute to the problem, as can poor social skills. However, genetic risks have been identified as potential causes as well, such as if alcohol or drug abuse runs in the family.

Treating Substance Abuse

Neurofeedback is a form of therapy that may be effective in changing the brain wave patterns of someone who suffers from a substance abuse issue. This may result in the reduction of stress and its negative impacts on the nervous system and brain. Several studies show this approach can successfully prevent relapses from addiction.

Contact Us About Substance Abuse

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