Does Biofeedback Work for Autism?

Does Biofeedback Work for AutismA lot of parents ask us, “Does biofeedback work for autism?” And while the answer is not yet fully known, there are several indications that biofeedback can help children and adults who have to deal with this condition on an everyday basis.

How Biofeedback Works

Before answering the question, “Does biofeedback work for autism?,” it is important to have a basic understanding how this treatment method works. In a nutshell, biofeedback involves a patient being monitored by equipment that checks the activity of the brainwaves. These waves can appear as graphs, lines or other ways on a computer screen. As the patient continues to use biofeedback, and is able to get closer to achieving normal patterns of brainwave activity, he or she will notice that the lines or graphs on the computer screen will change.

Practicing biofeedback is essential for the treatment method to be as effective as possible. It is safe and healthy, with minimal side effects. In rare instances, patients have reported mild headaches and muscle tension.

Biofeedback and Autism

We are in the very early stages of determining how effective biofeedback can be for those dealing with autism. Some caregivers have reported patients becoming less irritable and exhibiting improved speech. Some scientific research indicates autistic patients have increased their levee of social interaction.

There is a much larger body of scientific evidence that shows biofeedback can be very effective for children with ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. And it is also well known that many children with ADHD have been diagnosed with autism as well. At the Northwest Biofeedback Center, we have found that our ADHD treatments have been successful in 60-80 percent of our patients with autism.

So while there is no clear-cut answer to the question of, “Does biofeedback work for autism?,” indications are positive. If you would like to learn more how we may be able to help your autistic child, contact us online or call 847-627-8164 in Des Plaines or 224-334-3070 in Schaumburg.