Common Reasons for Learning Disorders

learning disordersLearning disorders can lead to a lifetime of frustration and misery. Whether a person has difficulty reading, writing, performing math activities or simply comprehending directions, this type of disorder can be debilitating and rob someone of his or her ability to progress in life. This problem can even make it hard to function in a social setting. Here are some of the symptoms of the issue and potential treatment options.

Learning Disorder Causes

If key portions of the brain are unable to properly process information and coordinate that processing with each other, a person may be suffering from learning disorders. For instance, you may find it extremely hard to read if one area of your brain either communicates too quickly or too slowly with other areas.

Learning Disorder Symptoms

The earlier that learning disorders are discovered and treated, the better the chances the person experiencing them can lead a productive life. In many instances, however, a sufferer will try and hide the problem, making it very challenging to diagnose. For instance, a child may simply not want to do homework or go to school, and may not show any other signs. There are, however, indicators that can let you know an issue exists. These include difficulty remaining focused on a task, disruptive behavior, difficulty memorizing, or either showing too much or too little attention to detail.

Learning Disorder Treatments

One of the most effective methods of treating this condition is to help the brain function at the correct pace. As a result, the brain will find it easier to coordinate information processing. Neurofeedback can help make this possible. When you come into our office for an appointment, we will monitor your brain waves while you perform an exercise similar to playing a video game. This treatment will help your brain find the correct patterns of coordination that are required in order for you to be able to learn properly.

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