Biofeedback for Pain Management

biofeedback for pain managementBiofeedback for pain management is a safe, effective way to people to find relief from discomfort without the need for powerful drugs. By using your mind to control certain functions of the body, you can lessen your pain substantially.

How Biofeedback Works

Typically, when a person goes through a session of biofeedback for pain management he or she will have sensors attached to the body. These sensors are connected to a device that monitors perspiration, skin temperature, breathing, heartbeat and blood pressure. As you relax and clear your mind, your breathing begins to slow and your heart rate drops. Eventually, you will learn how to control bodily functions and help reduce pain.

Biofeedback for pain management detects certain electrical signals given off by the muscles. When the muscles are tense, the biofeedback monitor will beep or display flashing lights. When patients relax their muscles, the beeps and/or flashes slow down.

Migraine Headaches and Biofeedback for Pain Management

One of the areas where biofeedback has been particularly effective is in helping to treat migraine headaches. By helping people lower their stress and improve the way they manage their symptoms, biofeedback can substantially reduce discomfort.

Contact Us About Biofeedback for Pain Management

Northwest Biofeedback has helped patients through biofeedback for pain management for more than two decades. The benefits can last well after a patient leaves a session, since he or she will learn relaxation techniques that will last the rest of their lives. Just as physical therapy can help restore a person’s muscle control after suffering an injury, biofeedback can help restore proper functioning of the body.

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