Academic Performance Problems

Academic performance problems often result in frustration, as well as conflict between students and parents. But often times, they do not occur due to “not trying hard enough” or simply “being lazy.” They can signify an underlying condition that needs to be treated by a professional.

Northwest Biofeedback Center can help a child overcome his or her academic performance problems through neurotherapy. When students are able to activate their highest cognitive abilities, they will no longer “feel dumb” because they can’t reach their potential.

What are Academic Performance Problems?

Learning problems rob you of your ability to process information efficiently. This can, in turn, interfere with learning, reading, writing, spelling, reasoning and more. A person suffering from this issue is often unable to communicate properly, interpret spatial information, solve math problems and even interact socially.

Causes of Academic Performance Problems

One of the main reasons academic performance problems occur, researchers believe, is the way that different parts of the brain coordinate the processing of information. In order to read, for instance, a person needs to not only perceive letters and words correctly, he or she also must understand the sounds associated with these symbols.

These tasks involve a part of the back of the brain known as the visual cortex, as well as the auditory cortex, located in the lower middle portion of the brain. Other areas involved in reading include the frontal lobes and the frontal cortex. If any portion of the brain is too fast or slow in communicating with the others, reading may be exceedingly difficult.

Symptoms of Academic Performance Problems

There are several symptoms that can indicate academic performance problems. These include:

  • Memory issues
  • Short attention span
  • Poor eye-hand coordination
  • Restlessness or impulsiveness
  • Sensory disorganization

Treating Academic Performance Problems

Neurofeedback has been proven effective in training the brain to better coordinate electrical activity, thus improving cognitive abilities. In a nutshell, it provides similar benefits to the brain as exercise does to the muscles. At Joseph N. O’Donnell & Associates, we have helped students realize their academic potential for more than 20 years.

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